2020/21 "Ed Schein: : Humble Leadership and OD"("The Spirit of Inquiry" )
Trias jubilee conference

Otto Scharmer, M.I.T. "Ed Schein and Theory U" Keynote and Workshop
Ed Schein , Live stream: "The Spirit of Inquiry"
Zurich, November 2020 or Spring 2021

The New Book "Ed Schein: The Spirit of Inquiry" (CoEditors: Gerhard Fatzer, John Van Maanen, Daniel C. Schmid, Wolfgang G. Weber)

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Next Diploma Masterclass Coaching & OD (MC*): 11th to 13th of March 2021

OnLine Class 2:  20th of March 2021

ONLINE Diploma Masterclass Co
aching & OD English (OMCE*) with 2 LIVE sequences: direct registration possible: already started

The online course will be starting with a minimum of 12 participants. Entry possible during ongoing courses (details at admission interview)

Since 1991 we accompany personal and organizationsal Change and Transformation Processes globally about topics like : Intercultural Team Building , culture, Dialogue, Learning organization and "Humble Leadership" . We are longstanding partners of Ed Schein and M.I.T. Sloan (Otto Scharmer, Peter Senge) as change and org.culture specialists. Trias is the only German network with these longstanding partnerships.

Humble Leadership , Transformation and change processes
"Digital Transformation" ,"Culture of Learning", "Four Faces of Leadership" (Culture from Start up to mature organization)
"Agile Teams", "Diagnosing organization culture", "Setting up a learning organization", "Humble Leadership", "Intercultural dialogue", "Org. Learning" (5 Disciplines, System Dynamics and System Archetypes). 
"Preferred Futuring" as an Architecture of change. "Preferred Future" for Personal Development, for teams and organizations.

Case examples and living case studies

"Humble Inquiry is the fine art of asking questions to which you do not already know the answer, of building a relationship based on curiosity in the other person."
Edgar H. Schein, Humble Inquiry
Concept of the Masterclass
Who are we? What can you expect? What is our USP?
This Masterclass is the result of the longlasting cooperation between Gerhard Fatzer, Trias Institut,  Edgar H. Schein, M.I.T. Sloan School and the networks of Otto Scharmer (M.I.T. , Presencing Institute) and Peter Senge (M.I.T. and SOL). Co Directed by our longstanding alumna partner MouNa, (Visionary Professional at, Dr. Sabina Schöfer (Hochschule Bremen, ex VHS), Dr. Sylvia Böcker.
Cooperation Partner and scientific board: Prof. Kornelia Rappe Giesecke and Prof. Michael Giesecke (Hannover)

The participants will enjoy new knowledge/know how and practise the craft of sustainable organisation development, get to know organization culture work, dialogue, systems knowledge and -tools, leadership and "humble leadership", the art of asking good questions, the architecture of change processes, intercultural dialogue, "Digital transformation", much beyond trends and hypes. You will get to know "State of the Art".
Ed Schein, John Van Maanen, Lotte Bailyn, John Sterman . The next generation who joined: Peter Senge with his OLCentre for the Learning Organisation, today SOL (Society of Organizational Learning) and Otto Scharmer with his Presencing Institute. Trias Institute has worked with all of them since the 80's.

Trias Masterclass represents the synergy and knowledge of Trias and these 3 networks, which are all global leaders. M.I.T. hosts the foremost thinktanks for OD in combination with "Digital Transformation" and culture.

Trias Masterclass contains the "State of the Art" of Organization Development today: Culture, Process, Career,, Humble Leadership and Consulting" with Ed Schein, the learning Organisation and the Fifth discipline with systems learning with Peter Senge and SOL (Society of Organizational Learning), and "Theory U" and all forms of Dialogue and Change Projects with Otto Scharmer and his Global Presencing Institute.
Trias brings in almost 30 years of experience in  training  leaders and consultants , the publication of important book series ("EHP Organisation") , of an international journal "PROFILE" and of many conferences with these topics.

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Next Masterclass (MC*):
2nd Group will start : 11 th to 13th of March 2021

first group started 23rd to 25th of september 2019
Onboarding possible

ONLINE Masterclass german (OMCG*):
Start next group
Saturday, 20th of March 2021, 10:00 - 14:00 CET (weekly)

ONLINE Masterclass englisch (OMCE*): 
Friday , 19th of March 2021 , 10:00 - 14.00 CET (weekly)
The online courses will be started with a size of 12 participants

Themes and Topics
Leadership in the modern world of work and organization

To critically recognize the challenge of digitalization beyond fashions and hypes, to build, take responsibility for and sustainably implement architectures of change. Making corporate culture visible in digital change processes.Refine sustainable organizational development as science, philosophy and technology. "Get to know yourself as an instrument and practice your craft."

In the modern world of work and organization

Work Environment: Digitization, Globalization, Economization - Trends and Counter-Trends
Forms of self-organization: society, organization, network
Culture and corporate culture
Philosophy: Constructivism and Phenomenology
Design concepts of organization and perception

In this masterclass we focus on the active, critical processing of our own history in all its dimensions.

From everyday experiences with others and oneself, content, methods and fashions by the participants to research into the mutual influences of people and organization. 
Target group
Leadership level, managers, coaches, C level leaders, board members or board of directors
Application and modalities
In the first step: Interviews  on the Basis of written application . Afterwards phone interview or direct interview, with detailed feedback . Costs: SFr. 400.-
 Learning formats and methods
Learning and online coaching as exclusive program  • supervision as case supervision or case clinic  • Individual OD-Project • Theory-Inputs by international • Experts and Theory application under supervision  • Case analysis - Film analysis - Simulations , Role plays, Consulting exercises • (Theory-) Inputs also by participants of the learning group, within the learning, reflection in the group • Master thesis

Conference, Chimney talks

Due to high demand worldwide, we offer the course online. 
Format: 4 hour zoom calls with breakout groups to enable individual group work and intensive mentoring. 
Online intervision groups during the training are mandatory.

Individual coaching/learning coaching
The individual coaching / learning coaching is an exclusive part of this Trias Master Class and completes the case-related teaching supervision. It has to be booked additionally.

Exclusively we offer resource-oriented individual 1:1 coaching / learning coaching, so that learning is guaranteed independent of time and place.  It is in addition to teaching supervision / case supervision and enables an individual deepening and repetition of the topics of life and work design, self-development, entirely in the sense of development of the inner self (Otto Scharmer, Theory U): My self, my higher self, my potentials and visions; my learning blockades and life topics; work life balance and burnout prophylaxis. It will also be used for  role analysis and role design.

The focus is also on "working on the self as an instrument" (Gestalt view) and self-development. This includes the transformation of inner blockades and "blind spots" into potentials, resources for the future.  This program is highly relevant for both personal and professional life and we are proud to offer a master class that places these central topics into an important place.

In addition to generally applicable topics, it is specifically focused on the content of our Masterclass. 
Teaching supervision
Teaching supervision is the learning tool  where primarily in a group case situations or ongoing change projects are examined, critically reflected, provided with next action steps and later reported and modified.
This has to do with the fact that teams or organizations are primarily invisible (as a social construction).

Only the experiment (in the sense of the Gestalt approach) can give us information about it. The teaching supervision also helps to learn and practice the craft of coaching, "the art of change".
Experienced consultants or managers from the Trias environment serve as teaching supervisors.

"Asking „good questions“ is at the center of any „sustainable change process“.  It is a basic attitude of „good OD“: „The spirit of Inquiry“ ."
Ed Schein, Warren Bennis
All prices are in CHF (Swiss Francs). The Euro equivalent / the daily exchange rate applies!

Masterclass (MC)
Duration: 5 semesters including master thesis; after 3 semesters certificate
Semester fee: CHF 5'600.- 

Online Masterclass German (OMCG) 10% Discount off versus live Masterclass (MC)
Duration: 5 blocks (12 months) including master thesis; after 3 blocks certificate
Fee per Block: CHF 4'995.- 

Online Masterclass Englisch (OMCE) 10% Discount off versus live Masterclass (MC)
Duration: 5 seasons (12 months) including master thesis; after 3 blocks certificate
Fee per Season: CHF 4'995.- 

You will receive a bill upon registration. Please pay before start of the Masterclass.
The course can be completed after 3 semesters/seasons with a small certificate thesis.

Price certificate: CHF 1'150.-
The diploma is connected with a diploma thesis about a consulting case and a theoretical part (see diploma regulations)

Fee for Diploma thesis: CHF 1'900.-

This is linked to a master thesis in a similar format and a certification with a partner university. (see Master regulations)

Fee for master thesis: CHF 1'900.-
Individual coaching
The individual coaching / learning coaching is an exclusive part of this Trias Master Class. It complements the case-related teaching supervision.

Individual coaching:
CHF 280.-/55 minutes (+travel expenses)

Individual Coaching Online:
CHF 280.-/55 minutes

Bookings are made individually with our learning coach.

Case and group supervision
This supervision is included in the prize.
"What happens at the beginning of any creative process? Nothing! Creativity requires that we create space and wait for something to emerge."
Otto Scharmer
Program during  3 semesters/seasons, Certificate thesis in a short version 
CHF  1'200.- for Certificate thesis
"You can only understand a system when you try to change it."
Kurt Lewin, Otto Scharmer
The diploma fulfills the requirements for membership in the respective umbrella organisations (D A CH countries). Trias has been a collective member of these umbrella organizations from 1997 until 2014. Now we apply only for single courses or groups and not as a collective member any more.

Diploma thesis CHF 1'900.- 
"Smart people don't learn... because they have too much invested in proving what they know and avoiding being seen as not knowing."
Chris Argyris
The Master fulfills the requirements for membership in the respective umbrella associations (D A CH countries) and is awarded together with a partner university. It is a comprehensive thesis, which is also divided and published (internal library Trias, on request only)
Outstanding examples are published in excerpts in our journal "Profile" (edited by Sabina Schoefer)
(Master regulations)
Master thesis CHF 1'900.- 
"The world is made of circles and we think in straight lines."
Peter Senge
Greater Zurich and Southern Germany, individual modules in Berlin,  or Boston.

Zurich is our location. The group is composed internationally and includes participants from the D A CH countries. Modules can also be conducted in Berlin, Southern Germany or Cambridge.


Location: Berlin

Berlin is shortlisted for a possible hub connection. Berlin is also one of Europe's start-up centres. It can be used directly for organizational exploration or living case studies. In particular, the German achievements of "digitization", "digital transformation" and "corporate culture examples" are visited or invited here.


Location: Cambridge / Boston

To illustrate the connection to M.I.T.Cambridge, a module will be conducted at M.I.T.. It is linked to transdisciplinary content from management (Sloan School or Harvard) and artificial intelligence (AI), IT, digitization and other related areas.  The group will/can participate within a seminar of SOL North America.

Teaching supervision groups and learning coaching organised regionally.
The diploma semester or the master semester follows the 5 semesters/seasons of the course and is used for writing the diploma or master thesis.

The details are described and specified in the diploma or master regulations.
"Thinking in the future tense from a perspective of clarity about what I want becomes an act of creation in the present."
Larry Lippitt
Application Online
Questionnaire / Interview
We'll call back!
"In the phenomenological interview, you set aside your pre-existing assumptions and enter as fully as possible into a shared search for reality....."
Fred Massarik 1985
"We've known each other for about 35 years. The first meetings took place when the AGIP was founded in Switzerland. We had a lot to talk about. Another point of contact were your books and mine. I admired your temporal and intellectual discipline and your ability to bring complex phenomena into clear form. Thirdly, we had to deal with questions of supervision and coaching within the framework of the DGSV".

Prof. Jörg Fengler, Professor für Heilpädagogik und Psychologie, Universität Köln, Trainer für Gruppendynamik, Mitherausgeber der Zeitschrift "Gruppendynamik".
"I become an advisor -or the Trias journey from self to self: what is it? unexpected variety, no prefabricated Power Point documents. Instead, one perceives the almost physically perceptible pressure "I will become a consultant" paired with the claim "I want everything".
There are three things: first, the patience and tenacity of Gerhard Fatzer with his staff; second, the basic attitude of the OE to be awake and helpful. And third, it's naive, unbiased curiosity to want to learn as much as possible from each other."  (profiles 22)

Sabina Schöfer, now ConRektorin Hochschule Bremen, ex Direktorin VHS Bremen, Senior Coach bei FGI International und Co Leiterin Trias Gruppen
Co Leiterin Trias in Boston
Mitbegründerin der Zeitschrift "Profile"
""Life as a learning story.
The consulting community and consulting theory owe much to him and his enormous commitment. I thank him...for strengthening each other in the face of the controversies in the community and in professional politics and for humorous and funny ideas in difficult situations".
The list of speakers at the seminars on the learning organization in Boston read like a who's who in the American consulting and research scene".

Kornelia Rappe Giesecke
Prof. und Studiengangsleiterin EFH Hannover und Bestseller Autorin
"From organizational consulting to expert for process design and change management. The learning was intensive and concentrated, because it was always focused on one approach in order to be able to experience it deeply""Gerhard Fatzer is rightly a global player of the OE, who has managed to establish and maintain relationships with all the founders and their students over all these years".

Sylvia Böcker, Geschaeftsführerin Direct Consult, Moers,
Co Leiterin Trias
Ausbildung und Co Leiterin "Trias in Boston"
Mitbegründerin der Zeitschrift "Profile"
Doktorat zu den Ansätzen von David Kantor
"Thus I got to know Gerhard Fatzer from the beginning as an author who polarizes, who can take it, but who also distributes himself when he is convinced of something. ...but the fact that we have been successfully running this project for more than ten years now is also due to the fact that Gerhard Fatzer is not afraid of any challenges".
in: Profiles 22, 2011

Andreas Kohlhage, Verleger  und Inhaber des EHP Verlags.
"If I were to characterize the different facets of Gerhard Fatzer, I would first emphasize his excellent networking skills. A second strength lies in taking up and working on topics that prove to be extremely relevant in the context of organisations. However, I would see his real passion in the holistic organizational development...and in the evening he can also pursue his private passion for good wine and good food in exciting conversations": Profiles 22, 2011.

Prof. Dr. Sonja A. Sackmann,  Lehrstuhlinhaberin für Wirtschafts- und Organisationswissenschaften der Universität der Bundeswehr, München, Buchautorin und Herausgeberin von Zeitschriften und Buchreihen. Autorin bekannter Bücher über Organisationskultur. Organisationsensberaterin.

"Gerhard is still known to me from my time as a private lecturer at ETH Zurich.....It is a great merit of people like Gerhard Fatzer to have brought the OE into the German-speaking area. .... He has been teaching for more than a decade, also as a visiting professor. He is one of the - in my opinion much too rare university lecturers who are equally concerned with practice-related phenomena and related scientific theories.......- a common ancestor of OE and A and O psychology, Kurt Lewin, thank you...... Therefore I would like to close with the motto of one of our favourite bands: "Together we stand, divided we fall...let s get on the ball and work together!"
In: Profiles 22, 2011.
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang G. Weber, Ordinarius für Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie, Universität Innsbruck, Mitherausgeber "Profile"
"Ich habe keine besondere Begabung, ich bin nur leidenschaftlich neugierig"
Albert Einstein
"The further education at Trias was an important basis for me to improve my consulting activities....Furthermore it was important for me to gain a foothold in the private sector: said and done".

Fabrizio Perini, Beratung Suco Consult.
Asiatische Trommelarbeit an den Trias Konferenzen
"The encounter with Gerhard Fatzer's book "Supervision und Beratung" from 1990 in a student reading course I founded myself in 1993 marked the beginning of my interest in supervision and later in collegial counselling.

Kim Oliver Tietze, Professor für Wirtschaft und Organisationsentwicklung, Europäische Fern Fachhochschule für Wirtschaft, Hamburg
After I decided to take supervision training as a further development of my professional horizon, the concept of Trias was unique in the German-speaking area in its combination of supervision and OE. I warmly congratulate Gerhard Fatzer and his lecturers for the foundations they have laid.

Martina Rubarth

This further training has really paid off. A managing director cannot offer a better compliment for such further training. With the support of the management and the support of the training, we have introduced a consulting system that guides us through the various consulting processes in a structured manner.

Martin Michel, Leiter Personal der Franziskus Stiftung